Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Syn free 'real' crisps

Serves 2, syn free


2 baking potatoes
Fry light


1. Slice the potatoes finely with a potato peeler, grater or a slicer (they need to be almost paper thin to work)

2. Spray a dinner plate with fry light, put one layer of potatoes, spray again and sprinkle with salt

3. Microwave for 6 minutes, if they are not crispy, microwave for a minute extra at a time until crispy


  1. I made these crisps and was sharing at group, class leader sais they were not free because they are classed as snack so not free, I can't see why but will try and suss it out.

  2. We raised this question at our group this week, and it's because it's called a "tweak" - changing the normal use of the ingredient. A plate of crisps doesn't have the same filling power as a plate of wedges, or a jacket potato. It has to be syned as if having a potato on a Red day.